今朝發的 POST, 生命是一堆挫折 ....

下午看到了這段 VIDEO, 又想起了另一段的故事, 人生的長度不可以控制, 但橫度是可以自由擴闊的, 只在乎你自己...

一個鼓手的熱誠, 完全投入一支歌曲中, 甚至蓋過了歌者的演唱....

一念天堂, 一念地獄

還有韓國人計劃拍這個鼓手 Kwon Soon Keun 的 DOCUMENTARY FLIM, 期待 ~ 

Kwon Soon Keun became a worldwide YouTube sensation when someone posted 'Korean Drummer Steals The Show' on YouTube several years ago. 
I was so fascinated by his drumming and went on to make a documentary film called 'A DRUMMER'S PASSION'. 

The film was well received by public and it was selected for screenings at 2011 Vancouver Asian Film Festival and 2011 Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival. Mr. Kwon and I were on CP24 and Rogers TV Daytime for interviews and the popularity of the film was so high that we got so much attention despite it is only a short film. 

Now, we are planning to make a feature film on Mr. Kwon and he seems happy to get his spotlight back at 71. (He is turning 72 in 2012.) 

He has been playing with young musicians in 20's and 30's and he seems to fit well with them. Recently, he performed in front of more than 600 people and I recorded the performance to share with the rest of the world. This may not become another 'Korean Drummer Steals The Show' but I hope more and more people watch his video and feel the joy as much as I do. 

Director of A Drummer's Passion