Kids of Sodom _ KAI LOFFELBEIN

攝影人 _ KAI LOFFELBEIN 的眾多作品中, 這個第三世界Ghana 加納的故事, 一向也是筆者關心的第三世界加文明社會廢料的問題.

由文明世界如歐洲 美國等地的電子廢料, 當然地運往第三世界作廢料回收或者循環使用, 當地的居民, 尤以兒童為主的年齡為主, 當然地擔當最低層的勞工. 

有毒的電子廢料, 並不是這些低階層或技術的第三世界可以處理, 一噸噸的有毒廢物, 正以別人的青青來燃燒著, 變回文明社會的循環物品.

筆者一向也有介紹這些相片, 但世界不會因為這些相片而有任何的改變 .

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Each Year hundred thousand of tons of electronic waste is moved from Europe and the USA into so called third world countries. A large proportion ends up in Ghana, where children search the garbage for recyclables. The Slum "Sodom and Gomorrah" surrounds the e-waste dumpside in Accra, Ghana's capital and port city. Children take apart the toxic electronic devices without any safety protection. The results are damages to health and environment. This story shows the impact of our uncontrollable, wasteful, extravagant lifestyles.



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