Occupy Wall Street Faces Evictions

佔領華爾街行動,經歷了很多星期,各地也有相對的團體響應,前幾天,行動的起點 New York 市開始驅趕行動了,名義上是清理霸佔多天的地方。

而各地不同城市警察,亦開始配行 NYC 般,也相繼開始驅趕示威人士了,暫時這一刻在香港,仍未發生這類驅趕,不知亦估不到何時會同樣理由支持下發生。

The Occupy Wall Street movement is facing evictions in multiple cities after two months of demonstrations in city parks and squares. In the past two weeks, police have forcibly removed protesters from their encampments in Denver, Portland, Salt Lake City, Oakland, Zurich, and now New York City. Overnight, New York City police officers moved into Zucotti Park, handing out fliers telling protesters they had to leave or face arrest. (The Mayor's Office claimed it was only temporary, to allow for cleaning.) Currently some 150 protesters are gathered around Zucotti Park, preparing to re-occupy if a judge decides the city has not shown just cause for eviction. Collected here are images from several of the recent evictions, as Occupy Wall Street protesters face a turning point in their movement. [40 photos]



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