Neil Craver ( 留意 : 相片有祼露成份 )

吸引視線的畫面,除了是利用了女性胴體作元素,天然,純潔,白玉般的顏色作對比,浸在水底下,無重力的飄浮著, 伴以光線透射水面而下,詩般的畫面,仿似陳述一個神話故事。

如對這位攝影人有興趣, 可以在 google 搜尋, 或者到 看看介紹~

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Neil Craver
As a youth in North Carolina; I begun my path as an abstract painter and figurative sculptor; my motivation grew from my interest of psychophysical effects of chroma. Photography holds all the intrinsic values of all the other arts; but it is the foundation of the origins of existence. My creations are the exploration of my inner facilities; in the pursuit of contemporary knowledge expressing “original thoughts”. "Nothing can exist without the photon, and every aspect is controlled by it’s usage"


"OmniPhantasmic" underwater nude rock quarry serie



又黎 DIY, filter holder for panasonic 7 - 14mm ultra wide lens