The Yakuza in Tokyo


 893 Magazone : The Yakuza in Tokyo

書本記錄比利時攝影師 Anton Kusters, 在 2009 年在日本拍攝控制著新宿地下活動的Yakuza 黑社會組織, 跟隨他們的活動, 拍下他們神秘不為人知的一方面.

原文介紹 :

In 2009 I started to tell a story in images, video and words about the hidden world of Japanese crime families:
the Yakuza.
Together with my brother Malik, I chose, contacted, and met with the family that controls the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo.
This is my vision of an inaccessible subculture which I will never fully understand.
An Issue of 893 Magazine will be published every 6 months, up until this long term project is completed.
At the end of the project, a photo book will be published, as well as a documentary feature film, both for which I am seeking to secure funding.
- Anton Kusters, 2010
more information, as well as frequent frequent updates, can be found at

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原書 preview, 但當然只是細版本 

攝影者 Anton Kusters 的 gallery , 可以看到比較大尺寸的相片