Facity (face + city)

這是最初 2008 年在德國柏林的一項攝影計劃開始, Facity 意即 face + city, 是記錄每天的城市人面孔, 在 2010年開始, 公開給國際的攝影人士投相, 但要符合它們的要求~

Facity (face + city)

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FACITY manifest for the photo shoot

1. Frontal position to the camera (no leaning head).
2. Open sharp eyes (focus on the eyes).
3. No smile. Natural facial expression.
4. Pure faces (minimum of make-up). Hair pulled backward (minimum of hair visible).
5. No clothing visible. No glasses, no jewelry (exception: piercings).
6. Partial head shot (refer to other faces).
7. Only indoor daylight. No artificial light sources. Clean background.
8. Aperture 2,8 with a 50 mm lens (or similar conditions).
9. Square format (at least 600x600 pixels).
10. Minimal processing (as realistic as possible).

FACITY manifest

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