SONY 免費公開 E MOUNT 資料

SONY 將會在 201141日起, 免費公開 E mount 的基本資料給第三方鏡頭生產商, 期望以增加鏡頭數目後, 可以擴展自家 NEX 系列相機的實用性.

暫時受歡迎的 NEX 系列相機及攝錄機有 NEX-3 / NEX-5 / NEX VG-10 ( 攝錄機 ), E mount 鏡頭只有兩款

而計劃生產的鏡頭生產商如下 :

Carl Zeiss AG
As an independent lens provider, Carl Zeiss welcomes the disclosure of the “E-mount” specifications by Sony. It helps manufacturer’s product development, benefits customers and therefore assists in establishing “E-mount” as a new, healthy and strong system on the market.

Cosina Co., Ltd.
Cosina Co., Ltd is excited by the potential of Sony’s “E-mount” which enables to a large-size image sensor to be incorporated in a compact, interchangeable lens camera. We have high expectations for the “E-mount” with its aims to create a new photography culture, and express its assent to Sony’s decision to provide information related to “E-mount”.

Sigma Corporation
Sigma Corporation fully supports Sony’s decision to disclose basic “E-mount” specifications. We believe this move will spur the further growth and diversification of camera system across the industry, provide photo enthusiasts with a wealth of choice and enrich in their photographic lifestyles.

Tamron Co., Ltd.
Tamron Co., Ltd endorses Sony’s decision to disclose basic “E-mount” specifications.
We aim to offer our customers new solutions and unprecedented photo-shooting enjoyment through the manufacture and sale of “E-mount” lenses.



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