Ponit to Point 點對點 _ Site Specific Art Project @ Central

Memory of the Forest

G/F., Central Terminal Building
Central Star Ferry Pier 8

黃國興 _ 藝術家導師

聽說,森林 裏的住客正在慢慢消失,人類以發展之名不斷大量砍伐樹木,以至動物原有的生態環境遭受前所未有的破壞。森林裏的動物因生活環境突變,無法適應而步向滅亡。 曾經是動物安樂窩的森林變成了工業產品,再變成了填海區的垃圾,只是一瞬之間。破壞、消失、死亡就是曾經在森林裏居住過的動物對人類的記憶。
Memory of the Forest
I heard the animals in the forest are slowly disappearing. In the name of progress and development, deforestation took place in the jungle and the original habitats of the animals were destroyed in an unprecedented scale. The animals in the forest cannot adapt to the drastic change of the environment and are heading towards extinction. The trees that once provide shelter for the animals got transformed into industrial product, then further turned into garbage and buried at the landfill in a very short time. Animals that once lived in the forest would remember us as Destruction, Disappearance, and Death.
“Memory of the Forest” is group of animal like sculpture made by recycled wood, created by a group of talented young students in a workshop lead by me. On every Saturday in the past two months, the students and I collected large amount of industrial wood from the garbage dumpster and transformed them into amazing sculptures which the visitors can go inside, sit down and look out towards our world from the animal’s perspective. The Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation commissioned this project. It is one of their site specific art projects entitled “Point to Point”, sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club.


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