Creative contemporary photojournalism _ Lunatic

Creative contemporary photojournalism

另一本網上 online 雜誌. 主要是在 photojournalism 的方面.
似乎接受投稿, 但筆者未曾嘗試.

暫時出了三期, 半年刊.

第一期, 富有中國特式的 "睡姿" 和 "礦工生活" , 大家可以一看~~

Lunatic gives the opportunity to photographers to promote original stories and images. It also aims to provide space for creative work within photojournalism. Lunatic is bi-annual online photo magazine presenting new work from known and unknown talented photographers from all around the world.

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又黎 DIY, filter holder for panasonic 7 - 14mm ultra wide lens