EOS 5D Mark II Firmware Update Version 1.1.0

早前在 DPREVIEW 事先張揚的 CANON EOS 5D MARK II 新 firmware ver. 1.1.0, 將會在 2009年6月2日公佈, 昨天6月2日, 新版本的 firmware 已經可以在 CANON 網站下載 ~

EOS 5D Mark II Firmware Update Version 1.1.0 下載位置

與 ver. 1.0.7 分別, 最主要是在 movie 模式, 手動控制光圈 / 快門 / iso 數值等等.
意味著, 大家可以用光圈控制拍 movie 時的景深, 還可以利用慢快門拍出布一般的流水, 如下面的兩張相片, 另亦可以在昏暗環境, 加高些少 iso 來吸光拍攝 ~

而要達上以上的要求, 機內設定要如下面般指示, 大家亦可以下載 CANON 提供的 pdf, step by step 的指示, 更改機內設定便可以~

PDF 下載位置


筆者撮出最重要內文 : 當然要先轉去 MEUN mode.

Set [Screen settings] to [Movie display]
Follow steps 1 to 4 on page 121 - 122 of the EOS 5D Mark II instruction manual.
Set [LV func. setting] to [Stills + movie], and set [Screen settings] to [Movie display].

這樣的設定, 便可以在 movie 模式下, 在 m mode , 控制光圈 / 快門 / iso 等等數值~

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另 CANON 原文, ver 1.1.0 的更改~

Firmware Version 1.1.0 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.

  1. Includes a function to enable the manual exposure setting when shooting movies.
  2. *For details on how to use this function, please download the PDF files from the bottom of this page.

  3. Disables the function of the depth-of-field preview button when images are played back or when the menu screen is displayed on the LCD panel.

  4. Fixes a phenomenon where the peripheral illumination of images cannot be properly corrected, even if the images were captured with the lens peripheral illumination correction function set to Enable.
  5. *Digital Photo Professional software version 3.6.1 or later (for Windows and Macintosh) can be used to automatically correct the peripheral illumination of RAW and JPEG images that were captured in the Peripheral illumination correction setting with cameras that have Firmware Version 1.0.7 or earlier.

  6. Fixes the algorithms of the Auto Lighting Optimizer function when Custom Function C.Fn II-3 Highlight tone priority is enabled.

  7. Fixes incorrect indications on the Arabic, Romanian, Spanish, and Ukrainian menu screens.

  8. Changes the battery information displayed on the camera when using the optional Battery Grip BG-E6.
大家可以試試, 在 movie 模式下, 更改光圈值來控制景深, work 的, 沒有問題~




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