Ricoh releases GX100 firmware update version 1.50

RICOH GX 200 公佈同時, RCOH 亦公佈了新的 TELE CONVERTOR TC1, 為了對 TC1 的對應, RICOH 公佈了 GX 100的新 FIRMWARE VER 1.5, 對上一次是 VER 1.18

3 點主要改善地方 :

1. Under certain conditions, in manual exposure mode, even if you press the function button for automatic exposure adjustment, it will fail to select the appropriate exposure settings

2. Improvement of flash control in dark environments.

3. Modified the format of JPEG files from a RAW format file that produced an incorrect file format in case you set the [RAW/JPEG setting] to [N640], and the [Pic Quality / Size] setting to [RAW 3:2]

資料來源 : DCVIEWS

而更新方法,早前的文章也有介紹, 大家有需要, 可以看看


FIRMWARE V1.5 的下載位置